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Managing Innovation & Development in a Pandemic

      The pandemic has, & will, continue to cause major re-structuring within the food industry due to severe economic pressures. Frequently businesses find it necessary to prune development teams in an effort to reduce costs. However, innovation & new product development provides a platform for future improved profitability & success. The dilemma facing […]

Food Colouring Technology

  Since ancient times mankind has added colours to foods to enhance their appeal. Gone are the days when poisonous materials such as lead oxide were used as colours & the modern colouring palette is tightly controlled and becoming more so as potential health issues are uncovered by research. This report covers the basic categories […]

Is This 19th Century Diet & Health Code the Best Ever?

In an age where so many are looking to extend healthy lives through dietary programmes, a remarkable but little known health code was given to Mormon prophet Joseph Smith in 1833. This has stood the test of time & is progressively being vindicated by modern science. The code, known as the Word of Wisdom, is […]


Emulsification is one of the mysteries of food technology & certainly in my degree course, was not covered in sufficient detail. Emulsions are very important in systems containing fats & water such as caramel, ice cream, frostings, spreads & mayonnaisse. Making a successful emulsion can make an enormous difference between a smooth eating product, that […]

Converting Waste to Margin

The food industry has always been relatively efficient in recycling by-products & yet there is much more that could be achieved with a resultant positive impact on the bottom line. Just to mention a few, classic products such as Marmite were made from by-products. Some citrus & apple fibres are a by-product of pectin manufacture. […]

The World of Texture Modification

Hydrocolloids, functional proteins & starches are an important group of materials which form a useful part of the toolbox available to food technology. They cover a wide range of properties from stabilisation, gelling & thickening to emulsification. They are ubiquitous in food products & are central to their functionality, examples of which are as follows: […]

Sugar Reduction in Food Products

All major governments & health bodies have expressed concern at the obesity crisis in the Western world. Obesity may bring with it serious health issues ranging from diabetes type 2, heart & circulatory diseases, strain on the skeletal system & cancer. In recent years, manufacturers have come under increasing pressure to reduce the levels of […]