Effective product solutions

Product expertise

At Sweet Innovation we provide support in two main ways. We help you to take a proactive approach when developing and managing your products, and we also offer a reactive service if you face any problems or issues.

Our range of skills and experience means that we can offer support across a number of key areas:

Process improvement

Process improvement is a systematic activity which involves identifying, analysing and then improving the way you currently do things.

We will work with you as an experienced and objective third party, to help you work out how you can change the way things are done or improve your manufacturing and production methods. We have helped a number of manufacturers save time and money and improve profitability – simply by making improvements to how things are currently done.


Problems with your products or your manufacturing processes can have a rapid and extreme effect on the success of your business.

Most manufacturers will experience issues from time to time, including problems with ingredients, manufacturing processes or safety scares. What is most important in these situations is to take control quickly to implement the right solutions to manage the problem. For this reason, it can prove hugely beneficial to have immediate assistance from an external third party which has the skills and experience to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Our industry experience means that we have seen and dealt with most problems – so you can rely on our expert help.

Product Quality Management

Managing consistent quality is at the heart of food production and involves a wide range of processes including sourcing and effectively managing raw ingredients, product processing and manufacturing, and also packaging. As part of our consultancy offering, we will provide input into your quality processes to help you to establish effective quality standards for your product manufacturing process.


Sweet Innovation can also assist with advice and guidance on selecting the right packaging for your new product.

If you are seeking the right solutions to support your products, Sweet Innovation can help.

Value Engineering

Creating value

In competitive marketplaces, value engineering is an important discipline which helps manufacturers generate the absolute best value out of production methods, by managing costs and ensuring that profits grow. As food consumers continue to look for lower costs without compromising on quality, value engineering can really give you a boost.

Sweet Innovation will help you assess how you currently do things to ensure that you generate the best possible value from your business.

Highly effective Food product solutions