The World of Texture Modification

Hydrocolloids, functional proteins & starches are an important group of materials which form a useful part of the toolbox available to food technology. They cover a wide range of properties from stabilisation, gelling & thickening to emulsification.

They are ubiquitous in food products & are central to their functionality, examples of which are as follows:

• Gelling-jams, table jellies, confectionery.
• Elasticity-sheetable fondant icings
• Thermo-reversibility-cold setting heat & pour products
• Viscosity-sauces
• Suspending agents- vinaigrettes
• Aerating agents-whipped materials such as mousse, marshmallow.
• High temperature stability-bake stable fillings.
• Stabilisation-ice cream products.
• Fat mimetics-fat reduced products.

These large complex structures can act alone but can deliver some new & valuable properties when specific types are combined together so that they inter-react. This is known as synergism.

Some of these water dispersable materials can be sensitive to pH, dissolved solids & specific metal ions. When formulating, it is important to understand how specific conditions impact on functionality.

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