Expert food product development

Ensuring success

To ensure success in the competitive world of food production, it is vitally important for manufacturing businesses to continue to develop and launch desirable new products.

With the plethora of choices available to your supply chain and the discerning attitude of modern consumers, you need to find ways to stand-out and make sure that your product is the one that makes it into your customers’ shopping baskets.

Developing products and processes

Ongoing development of new products and processes is an activity that should be happening all of the time – and that is where we can help.

Our first step is to understand your specific business and exactly what you are trying to achieve. This is where our industry experience helps us to quickly identify the right opportunities for you. We take lots of factors into account – your manufacturing capabilities, ingredients and raw materials, distribution and marketing.  Our skills and strategic focus will help to speed up the process, make it more effective, save you money in the long term and ensure that your products reach the market quickly.

We can help you to develop new products, or improve your processes so they are more efficient, as well as make better use of the functionality that you already have.

There are a number of important stages in the process:


Ideation is the process of generating ideas. Effective ideation requires a detailed understanding of what consumers want in order to generate as many good ideas as possible to meet those needs.

This process is best managed in a focused workshop format with a group of your own experts who can explore ways to expand your existing product range or brand, or find ways that best utilise the facilities that you already have available. We oversee and guide the process, and use our skills and experience to generate the right ideas to enhance your business.

Prototyping, testing & launch


Prototyping helps you to create a simplified and scaled-down version of your product before moving to testing and production. This process is useful for new recipes or innovative food products. Creating a prototype allows you to test taste and desirability, as well as investigate the practicalities of nutritional requirements, sourcing ingredients, costs and all factors which need to be considered before moving to production.

The creation of unique selling-points is seen as essential in a competitive environment.

Testing and launch

Once you are committed to a new product, there are still many hurdles to cross before it reaches the market. At Sweet Innovation we use our skills and experience to support this process and help you to take the next steps towards a successful launch

Can Sweet Innovation help you to innovate? We will be more than delighted to discuss your needs, and how we can help.

Success through innovation

Managing innovation well takes excellent industry knowledge, market insight and great ideas.

As experts in all of these areas, Sweet Innovation supports small and medium sized companies who need to expand their range or move into new products or markets.

We offer a fully hands-on approach and prefer to work embedded in your team for the best results.

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