Converting Waste to Margin

The food industry has always been relatively efficient in recycling by-products & yet there is much more that could be achieved with a resultant positive impact on the bottom line.

Just to mention a few, classic products such as Marmite were made from by-products. Some citrus & apple fibres are a by-product of pectin manufacture.

There are still opportunities for exploiting this less glamorous side of development.

Examples would be:
1)The skins from blanched nuts are often rich in fibres & other nutritious by-products.
2) During visits to factories it has been disclosed that cake & biscuit off cuts were sent for animal food, With a little creative thinking, & onward processing, there are opportunities such as creation of innovative texture enhancing options which can present opportunities for USPs &, thereby, enhanced margins. Some of these intermediates may be saleable to other sectors of the industry.

Sweet Innovation have experience of creating valuable stable intermediate ingredients from such materials.

We would welcome the opportunity of auditing your process & making proposals which will improve increase your material recovery rates & enhance bottom line.