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We work with small and medium sized food manufacturing businesses to make success a reality. Our strategic guidance and support helps them to achieve success, build technical expertise and create truly innovative and profitable products.

Sweet Innovation was founded by Thomas Shaw BSc FIFST – a food manufacturing technical expert with more than 40 years’ experience in the industry

With a proven track record of working in a wide range of senior operational and development roles, Thomas offers a 360 degree capability underpinned by a solid understanding of the commercial realities of the food industry. We believe that no one else can match the breadth of experience that we offer to our clients and we provide a broad range of capabilities all under one roof. Our bespoke consultancy services have been designed to pass on skills, knowledge and expertise to all sectors of the food manufacturing industry with a particular focus on our area of expertise: sugar based products.

All successful businesses innovate

To excel in the fast-moving world of food manufacturing, you must keep seeking that next successful product which will expand your portfolio and connect you to new customers – or help you to develop your relationship with existing ones.

Effective product development requires superior industry knowledge, market insight and great ideas. As experts in the product innovation process from ideation, to prototyping to product launch, Sweet Innovation supports companies who need to expand their range or move into new markets.

We help our clients with effective product solutions

We will support you to take a proactive approach to developing and managing your products and can also provide swift and reactive support if you face any problems or issues. The benefit of our service is that we offer integrated strategic support across a number of key areas including process improvement, troubleshooting, value engineering, food packaging solutions and quality management.

Thriving commercial companies are created and managed by high quality people.

Our expert training programmes will focus your colleagues and teams on reaching their full potential.

Our training solutions are fully flexible and we devise and deliver bespoke programmes which are adapted to your own specific business and sector of the industry. Some of the areas that we cover include product design and development, manufacturing control, process management and the technical aspects of food production.


Managing Innovation & Development in a Pandemic

      The pandemic has, & will, continue to cause major re-structuring within the food industry due to severe economic pressures. Frequently businesses find it necessary to prune development teams in an effort to reduce costs. However, innovation & new product development provides a platform for future improved profitability & success. The dilemma facing […]

Food Colouring Technology

  Since ancient times mankind has added colours to foods to enhance their appeal. Gone are the days when poisonous materials such as lead oxide were used as colours & the modern colouring palette is tightly controlled and becoming more so as potential health issues are uncovered by research. This report covers the basic categories […]

Is This 19th Century Diet & Health Code the Best Ever?

In an age where so many are looking to extend healthy lives through dietary programmes, a remarkable but little known health code was given to Mormon prophet Joseph Smith in 1833. This has stood the test of time & is progressively being vindicated by modern science. The code, known as the Word of Wisdom, is […]


Emulsification is one of the mysteries of food technology & certainly in my degree course, was not covered in sufficient detail. Emulsions are very important in systems containing fats & water such as caramel, ice cream, frostings, spreads & mayonnaisse. Making a successful emulsion can make an enormous difference between a smooth eating product, that […]